The only thing that I have always done well is what flowed from my naturally, and that somehow I have lived.

WALSER, Robert, The Walk


With these words of Robert Walser I try to reflect the background of my work, which talks about everyday events with a personal, intimate and poetic tone.

I talk about memories, experiences and identity, using a rhetorical language, appealing delicate senses and feelings and trying to get the subjective and personal essence of everything around me.

I care about the substance and form, what I explain and how I explain it, what I represent and what I represent it like. I work with nature, geometry, architecture, photography; all of them as a support and and language at the same time.




Specialization course in Graphic Design and management of print projects


- MFA in Reserch and Creation of Contemporary Art . Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


- BFA. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

- Workshop in collaboration with the architectural firm Ex_Studio in Montenmedio Foundation for Contemporary Art. Cádiz

-Silkscreen "Hola, Hola” Workshop. Madrid.

Solo exhibitions


- Lattent material 1.2. Sanchez de Lamadrid Gallery. Sevilla.


- Memories revisited 1.1. Carmen de la Calle Gallery. Jerez de la Frontera.

- Punctum. Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles. Madrid.


- CartónPiedra III. Fernando Herencia Gallery. Madrid.

- CartónPiedra II. Arte a Diario. Curated by Bernardo Palomo. Jerez de Frontera.


- CartónPiedra I. Larra 10 Gallery.


- Espacio Travesía. Madrid.

- Veuve Clicquot Yellow Starlight. Alcazar Theatre. Madrid.

Group exhibitios


- All the imagined sites. El Palmeral, Iniciarte Centre. Málaga (*)


Lacolect. Hotel OneShot. Madrid.


- Espacios que importan. Nave 73. Madrid


-JUSTMAD4 Fair. Fernando Herencia Gallery. Madrid. (*)

- Civil Engineers College Hall Enhibitions. Madrid


- "6 en la sala de abajo." Nando Argüelles Art Projects. Sotogrande. Cádiz

- Art Project Marbella 2012. Ciancimino Gallery. Marbella.

- Sala Rafael Argelés. José Luis Cano Bldg. Algeciras.

- Group exhibition. Pepe Pisa Gallery. Madrid

- Award "Un Futuro DEARTE" DEARTE Fair. Medinacelli Palace. Soria. (*)


- Exhibition of selected works of CEC International Painting Prize Cádiz. Santa Catalina Castle. Cadiz. (*)

- Exhibition of selected works of CEC International Painting Prize Cádiz. Manolo Ales Municipal Gallery . La Linea de la Concepcion. Cádiz. (*)

- V Shows Santiago Castillo. Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz

- Video, Photo & Paint. Nando Argüelles Art Projects. Sotogrande, Cadiz.

- "Buenas Intenciones/Acciones". Curated by D#spacio. Sevilla.

- Fair Madrid DEARTE. Stand Young Masters.


- Civil Engineers College Hall Enhibitions. Madrid

- Group exhibition. Paz Feliz Gallery. Madrid.

- Museum of the University of Alicante. (Work acquired)(*)

- Tomas y Valiente Art Center . Fuenlabrada.


- MinimalArt Gallery . Madrid.

- Toruños Metropolitan Center. Cadiz.


- Latent material. Recién Licenciados'08 Exhibition. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (*)

- Fundación NMAC. Vejer de la Frontera.

- Segre Gallery and Auction house. Madrid.


- Exhibition of illustrations of ”El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha" limited edition published by the newspaper ”Qué!".(Comunidad de Madrid). Madrid.


(*) Catalog.

Grands & Awards


- Prize Iniciarte, curated by Sara Blanco. Junta de Andalucía.


- Selected work. Convocatoria Lacolect. Madrid.


-Selected work. Convocatoria Espacios que importan. Nave 73, Madrid


- Selected International Painting Prize CEC Cadiz. (*)

- Prize Espacios Expositivos Móstoles 2012. Madrid.

- Award ”Un futuro DEARTE" 2012. Fair Madrid DEARTE. (Catalog)


- Call Exhibition 2010. Tom´ás y Valiente Art Centre. Fuenlabrada, Madrid.

- XI International Prize ”Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo.” UAM. Alicante.(Work Acquired.Catalog)


(*) Catalog